Children's Engineering

What is Children’s Engineering?

Children’s engineering is the common name given to technology education in the elementary classroom. It integrates STEM education into the elementary classroom through fun, hands-on experiences!

What is Technology?

  • Everything in our environment that has been human-made or human-altered.
  • How people have modified their environment to meet their needs and wants.
  • Human innovation in action.

What is Engineering?

  • The application of mathematics, science, technology, and creativity to develop practical solutions.
  • Involves designing, manufacturing, and operation of structures, machines, processes, and systems.

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The Design Brief 

What have you been learning about that relates to this project?

What does the student need to do?

What must the project have in it?

Materials and Tools
What are the students allowed to use to create their project?

Guided Portfolio (Sample: Page 1 Page 2)
  • What is the problem or challenge?
  • Brainstorm ideas
  • Create the solution you think is best
  • Test your solution
  • Evaluate or test the solution