Henderson PTCO Community Board Meetings
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1st Wednesday of each month 
Social Time Begins at 6:00 pm
Meeting Begins at 6:30 pm 
* Same Zoom session for both!

Meet the Board Members

Meet your 2020-2021
Henderson PTCO
Board & Chair Members!



Denise Osborn

Photo of 2020-2021 PTCO President Denise Osborn

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Vice President
Kimberly Hebert

Picture of PTCO Vice President Kimberly Hebert

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Erika Kramer

Picture of PTCO Treasurer Erika Kramer

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Recording Secretary
Kris Scott-Groves

Photo of 2020-2021 Recording Secretary Kris Scott-Groves

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Keasha Hall

Photo of 2020-2021 PTCO Parliamentarian Keasha Hall

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Membership Coordinator
Kim Gaw

Photo of 2020-2021 Director of Membership Kim Gaw

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Lead Hospitality Coordinator
Rebecca Hardee

Picture of 2020-2021 Lead Hospitality Coordinator Rebecca Hardee
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Hospitality Coordinator
Kate Neetz-Ulmer

Photo of 2020-2021 PTCO Hospitality Coordinator
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Volunteer Coordinator
Liz Bazemore

Photo of 2020-2021 Volunteer Coordinator Liz Bazemore

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Husky Night Out Coordinator
Jodi Seybert

Picture of 2020-2021 Husky Nights Out Coordinator Jodi Seybert

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Enrichment Matters Coordinator
Lawrence Sutton
Photo of 2020-2021 Enrichment Matters Lawrence Sutton

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Grades K-2
Teacher Representative
Emily Downing

Picture of PTCO K-2 Teacher Representative Emily Downing

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Grades 3-5
Teacher Representative
Lisa Padgett

Photo of 2020-2021 PTCO Teacher Representative for Grades 3-5

From: Denise Osborn
     Hello!  My name is Denise Osborn and I am thrilled to represent our children's school as Henderson’s PTCO President.  I am a proud Mom and Navy wife.  We are originally from California and have been in Virginia for 8 years.  We moved from Lake Ridge in 2017 and while house hunting, we fell in love with our community beaches/lakes and knew this was the place to call home.

     I was SO excited to have a great neighborhood Elementary School and I could not wait to get involved.  I signed up for pretty much everything I could possibly volunteer for.  I LOVE being in the Husky House!  I am missing it SO much!  My volunteering led me to build wonderful relationships and partnerships with parents and staff members.  I enjoyed planning a school dance, decorating the Kindergarten hallway and volunteering in the lunchroom.  Shortly into our first year, I accepted a position as a staff member in the lunchroom and have now been a Kindergarten TA for going on my 3rd year.

     Henderson, hands down is the place to be!  Although this will be a creative year for our PTCO, we are looking forward to leading the way into making it still memorable and one where families know they are not alone in Zoomland.  l am looking forward to meeting our new families.  One fun note …. We have a school mascot, his name is PAWs.  During the school year he makes his appearance.  I have been one of the faces in the costume (yes, it’s hot in there, but worth it).  My alter ego comes out and I just love putting it on.  Please … keep this a secret to our little Huskies. 

     Welcome to our new school year! 

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From: Kimberly Hebert

     HI!  I'm really excited (and nervous... shhhh!) to join the PTCO Board this year.  I'm totally new to all of this but I'm striving to learn as much as I can.   I work full time for Fairfax County Government and juggling many hats at home with 4 boys (18, 13, 8, & 5) and sports and activities out the wazoo, some of which I've helped coach.  I'm ready for a new challenge by  joining the PTCO and I really want to help this school in every way I can as I really love the staff and the experience these children get while enrolled, and their commitment to family/community.  I'm a huge supporter of the programs offered and now, this year will have 2 students enrolled (2nd & Kindergarten) with a prior 5th grader a few years ago.  I have some great ideas for our Husky community and I hope we really can work together to make the best of what we have while striving to keep moving forward, not only for our children, but our entire community and way of life.  Times are hard and this virtual schooling may be one of our toughest challenges yet, (I can't begin to tell you how much I appreciate our teachers and school staff!) but I think we can come together and support each other while we can get through this.   I can't wait to meet all of you!  (I'll admit now, I'm terrible with names so forgive me in advance if I forget yours but be assured, you are valued!)

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From: Erika Kramer

     Erika is excited to join the PTCO this year as treasurer and is looking forward to helping support our school and our Husky community!  Erika is a Speech Language Pathologist with PWCS and has a first grader at HES. Fun fact: Erika was a Girl Scout all through middle and high school, and her leader was our very own Mrs. Shisler!!  In her free time Erika loves running and making a mess in her kitchen :) 

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From: Kris Scott-Groves

     Hello Huskies!  I’m Kristin Scott-Groves, but I prefer my nickname Kris. This is my first year on the PTCO board and I am the recording secretary.  I am a military spouse and we finally moved back to Virginia a little over two years ago.  Now that my spouse is retired, we are finally settling down.  I have one child at Henderson who is in Ms. Cole’s 2nd grade class.  I have two Henderson graduates who are in 7th grade at Saunders Middle school.  Professionally, I work as a part time psychology professor, teaching online courses.  Before I became a mom, I was a child therapist.  I am a proud graduate of Virginia schools.  I earned by Bachelor’s degree from Mary Washington College and a Master’s degree from Virginia Commonwealth University.  In my free time, I enjoy gardening, walking and hiking, and spending time with my family.  I am excited for this 2020-2021 school year. I look forward to getting to know you and most importantly….LET’S GO! HUSKIES!

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From: Keasha Hall

      Hello Husky Family! Keasha is very excited to join the PTCO as your new Parliamentarian. Professionally, she works for Prince William County Government, as a Senior Land Use Planner, and she loves making a positive impact on her community through acts of service. She has a rising first grader who loves making friends, playing sports, and most importantly he loves Henderson! Keasha’s hobbies include competing in triathlons, quilting, and anything outdoors. Keasha is currently training for her second full triathlon (140.6 miles) while juggling all of the fun activities planned for the 2020-2021 school year. Keasha graduated from Virginia Commonwealth University, where she was Captain of the VCU All-Girl Cheerleading national championship team. She looks forward to meeting you and most importantly….LET’S GO! HUSKIES!

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From: Kim Gaw

     Hi Everyone!  I'm Kim and this will be my 4th year volunteering on the Henderson PTCO Board!  I have really enjoyed being involved with the PTCO and getting to know the teachers and staff.  I have two boys ages 7 & 11.  My oldest graduated from Henderson last year and he will be a 6th grader at Saunders this year!  My youngest will be starting 1st grade!  We are eager to see what great things await us this year!!!

     Please consider joining us and experiencing this virtual journey with us! In Cub Scouts we have a saying, "Many hands make light work" and that has never been more true than now! We all need to work together and support each other in any way we can to have the best school year possible!! We are HUSKY STRONG!!!

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From: Recbecca Hardee

     Hello, everyone! My name is Rebecca and I am excited to be part of the Henderson PTCO for the 2020-2021 school year!

     I am a proud military spouse and mother of two beautiful girls, ages four and nine.  My oldest daughter and I share a love for Girls Scouts which began together in 2016, when I introduced her to Henderson’s program.  I served as a troop leader for three years, as well as a school organizer and am grateful for the bond we sprouted and continue to grow.  My youngest daughter and I love trying new food together and doing art projects. We are also a huge fan of collecting and building LEGO.

     In my free time I enjoy traveling with my family, making memories experiencing new sights and adventures.  Fall is my favorite season and I am thrilled to commence a new journey at the best time of the year.  Please reach out to me and I will be glad to help on behalf of the Henderson PTCO!


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From: Kate Neetz-Ulmer

     I have two children at Henderson and we are all proud to be Henderson Huskies! I have a son in 2nd grade and a daughter in 4th grade.  Throughout my children’s years at Henderson, I have volunteered in their classrooms. Before becoming a mom, I was High School Biology and Anatomy & Physiology teacher.  Last year, I decided to put that education back to work and became a substitute teacher at Henderson as well.  

     This is my first year volunteering on the Henderson PTCO board.  I’m excited to be part of the team for 2020-2021. 


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From: Liz Bazemore


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From: Jodi Seybert

    Hi! I’m Jodi and this will be my 4th year volunteering on the PTCO. I have a 3rd grader at Henderson this year, as well as 5 year old daughter that will attend Henderson next year, and I a 1 year old son. I have really enjoyed being a part of the PTCO and getting to know the staff and other families from Henderson. I hope to see some of you at our Husky Night Out events!

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From: Lawrence Sutton
     Hi Huskies! My daughter just started kindergarten at Henderson and I thought what better way to celebrate than join the PTCO! I also have a 2 year old future Husky at the Goddard School in Dale City. I was born and raised in Lake Ridge, got my degrees in Boston and Dallas, and eventually made my way back to be close to the family. I love the outdoors, reading, and smoking Texas style BBQ. I come from a large extended family with a tradition of serving kids in Prince William and Fairfax Counties, and I am thankful and honored to be able to stand on their shoulders and bring my talents to Henderson. Although it's been a challenge starting the school year from home, I am comfortable working virtually and love solving problems! Currently I work in field estimatics and catastrophe response for State Farm, and I take pride in being a good neighbor supporting our nationwide community of customers. I feel like by volunteering for the PTCO I can now focus on a smaller neighborhood!

     I'm looking forward to helping our students succeed, develop their talents, and discover new ones through the Enrichment Matters program. Thank you in advance to all those on the committee who will inevitably help me through my first year on the team.

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From: Emily Downing
      I am excited to be returning to the PTCO board this year! I am entering my fifth year of teaching first grade at Henderson Elementary.  My husband and I have been married four years.  We are both from Ohio!  We have a son named Brayden.  He is almost year and half.  He keeps us busy.  We also have a dog named Kobe.  As a family we really enjoy going on walks around the national parks, eating the occasional ice cream cone from Jimmy T’s, and playing with blocks!

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From: Lisa Padgett
I'm Lisa Padgett and this is my 1st year volunteering on the Henderson PTCO Board!  This is my second year teaching 3rd grade at Henderson!  I am looking forward to building a sense of community with the teachers, parents and staff.  I live in Fredericksburg with my husband and my three four legged children. On the weekends I volunteer with animal transports or at the local SPCA.