Pack of Possibilities

New House Spirit Days:
Beginning on Wednesday, November 15, Wednesdays will be our weekly house spirit day on which day students are invited to proudly wear their house colors.

Red - Creators
Orange - Designers
Yellow - Visionaries
Green - Inventors
Blue - Innovators
Purple - Dreamers 


House System:
All families belong to one of six houses, our house system is called Pack of Possibilities in support of being a STEM school that promotes growth mindset.  The system is designed to create a positive climate and culture for our stakeholders.  Our students learn essentials (school rules) under the headings of P.A.W.S. (Polite, Accountable, Work Hard, Safe).  It helps our Huskies develop strong character, foster relationships, and enjoy activities that create school spirit.  All families, parents included!, belong to the same house.   Students and houses earn points throughout the school year in recognition of demonstrating P.A.W.S. and participating in numerous challenges throughout the year such as S.T.E.M. challenges or community service.  Parents earn house points when volunteering.  Always remember to tell the office staff which house you are a member of when volunteering at HNES and you will be given a colored stick to insert into your clear house in the front office.