At Henderson Elementary we love birthdays! We recognize each child on their birthday or the Friday prior to a weekend birthday on the Henderson morning announcements. Children are provided with a birthday pencil, birthday sticker, and a birthday bracelet. We have many students and staff throughout the building with life-threatening allergies, who can be triggered to a medical emergency just by touching certain things. PWCS Regulation 275-1 discourages students from sharing food items, which also includes cupcakes and other food treats for birthdays. We are trying to make Henderson a healthy and safe place for all our Huskies, so instead of sending in food treats, we have some additional ideas on how you can recognize your student on his or her birthday. 

Please consider the following options that do not involve food:

· Pencils, erasers, fun stickers, temporary tattoos, stencils, stampers

· Small puzzles, Bubbles, yo-yos, fun superhero rings, rubber bracelets

· Donate a book in your child’s name to the classroom or school library

· Donate a game in your child’s name to the classroom

 We also ask that you do not send balloons, flowers, or other celebratory bouquets to school for safety reasons. Finally, please note, teachers can pass out birthday party invitations only if the entire class is invited.

Thank you for helping us keep all our school community safe by keeping the cupcakes and other treats at home to enjoy with your family celebrations.