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              OFFICE HOURS:
             Thursdays, 10-11am
         Mrs. Cory and Mrs. Kintz, PALS Tutor,
                will be available by email.

    While each year brings new challenges, COVID19 has created especially difficult obstacles for education. Of course, I support your foremost priority - that of keeping yourselves and your families healthy.
   My hope is that you will spend time reading and writing with your children. Read to access "virtual getaways" together and write (yes, email, text etc.) to all those you wish to be near at this time.

     Rather than being a fearful, confining time for your children, my hope is that reading and writing will enable them to reach up and reach out!
      Be assured that I will be working alongside your children's classroom teachers to provide appropriate opportunities for distance learning. Be well!

Hello! My name is Gina Cory; I have been Henderson’s Reading Specialist since 1991 – yes, that’s 29 years! My previous experiences in NY, NC, Japan, and Washington State included classroom teaching in kindergarten, first, second, third and fourth grades. This explains my enormous respect for our staff serving on the front lines as classroom teachers. After a year of intense training in 2000, I added Reading Recovery to my credentials and, in 2008, achieved National Board Certification. During our 20 years residing in Montclair, it was our son who was first to become a Husky in kindergarten and introduce us to Henderson parenthood, PTCO and volunteering. The rest is history!

Personal Message

     As Reading Specialist, my prime responsibility is the literacy learning of our students. This translates into many diverse roles including PALS testing and Every Minute Counts, our reading incentive program. It has been a true blessing to spend yet another year at this School of Excellence.