What a year it has been!  I have been blessed to be your music teacher this school year.  We had many adventures together.  Have a great summer and I'm looking forward to making music again next year with many of you.   

WEEK 8  (JUNE 1-5)
This will be our last week for music lessons this year.  I will be  busy getting recorders back to 4th and 5th graders as well as packing up the music classroom.  It has trully been a joy to teach you music this year.  I hope you have a fabulous summer and I look forward to seeing most of you back again in the fall.  Look for this week's lesson in the files and documents section under your grade level.  

Week 7  (May 26-29)

This week the lessons for KG and 1st grade are based on the book "Ten Apples Up on Top" by Dr. Seuss.  
2nd-5th grade will learn about instruments from Africa, India and Japan.  

Week 6  (May 18-22)
This week each grade level has their own lesson in the files and documents section.  There is a PDF with the objectives and a link to the video portion.  Some grade levels have additional resources they can print out to use to complete the lesson, but all activities can be done without a printer.  Have a great week!

WEEK 5  (May 11-15)

This week's lesson for all grade levels is about the different instruments in the orchestra.  There are 4 instrument "families" based on how the instruments create sound.  Then there is a great video about different instruments from around the world.  Please look in the files and documents tab on the left for your grade level folder.  Have a great week!

Week 4  (May 4-8)

This week I have created choiceboards for each grade level.  There are activities that involve no technology, technology and movement.  Please check out as many as you'd like.  I'd love to hear what your favorite activities were and you can send me a picture through Class Dojo or email.  Keep making music!

Week 3 (April 27-May 1)

This week's lessons do not have a separate video file to click.  Just find your student's grade level folder in files and documents and click lesson 3.  There are video links embedded with responses for students to complete.  Please share any responses your students create through either Class Dojo or by emailing me.  Happy music listening this week!

Monday, April 20th update:

I've added a file called "Henderson Elementary celebrates the Month of the Military Child" to the files and documents page.  It has a brief history of each of the military branch's songs as well as a video link performance of each song.  A friend at another school made it and shared it with me so I could share with all of you.  As the retired spouse of an Army soldier, my own family moved 11 times and my kids changed school 3-4 times during elementary school. Thank you families for all you do!

Lesson Video Update:  I've discovered that you need a code to view the grade level lesson videos.  On Monday the Files and Documents will be locked for student log-in for security.  I will be putting the code for Flipgrid in the lesson outline PPT but am unable to do so until the files and documents section is locked.  If you would like the code to view the videos before Monday, April 20th, please message me through Class Dojo and I will send you the code.  

In the meantime, you can check out the OTR parody I made, view the Music at Home Bingo card and check out the Pizza Hut song lyrics challenge. 

I will be posting new lessons next week but will leave the lesson 1 available since most students and families were unable to access the videos this week.

Week 1 (April 14-17)
I have heard from several families that my video links are taking a long time to download due to their size.  I am redoing all of this week's lessons in Flipgrid and will have the posted by the end of today (Thursday).  There will be a video mini lesson and follow-on activities that students will be able to do off-line.  Each Friday my office hour will be from 1-2 PM when I'll be available via email or Dojo message to answer music activity questions. Please note that I will respond to you as soon as possible, but within 24 hours.   Each grade will learn/sing the school song this week so the lyric link is below.


Odd Weeks Dates:  April 14 and 27, May 11 and 26, and June 8








9/9:30 AM






10 AM












12 PM


Encore CLT




1 PM





Office Hour




Even Weeks Dates:  April 20, May 4 and 18, and June 1








9 AM






10 AM






11 AM






12 PM


Encore CLT




1 PM





Office Hour

The Office Hours are an opportunity for you to reach out to me about concerns with the activities in the choice board.  If your child isn't able to participate in our class meetings, they can still enjoy the learning activities available on our class web page whenever it works in your schedule.

Please give me 24 hours to respond to your emails and Dojo messages.

The Encore rotation is on the schedule so the Encore Team can meet expectations set by the VDOE and Dr. Walts. Please know you can participate in the Encore activities any time during the week that works for your family. 

Beginning April 20, 2020, your student will need to use their user ID and password to access our class Choice Board in Files and Documents on the web page. We need to lock the Choice Board so that we do not violate any copyright laws with the materials we are using in our lessons.  Thank you for your support with this expectation.

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