Arrival and Dismissal Proceedures


Students may enter at 8:50 a.m., please no early drop-offs for safety due to no supervision for children until staff are on contract at 8:50 a.m.

Walkers: Walkers should not arrive early due to supervision and our goal to provide distancing where possible. There are two crossings at the four corners. Staff members will also be present at the four corners. Walkers come to the access road gate next to the playground and will meet up with a grade level teacher who will escort them to their class hallway. These teachers will also assist students if they do not know how to get to their classroom. Teachers will hold up a number indicating their grade level and KG for kindergarten.

Car Riders: Cars will drive through the circle in front of the school and guided by staff. Students will exit curbside. For safety, we ask that parents do not exit vehicles and any car seats be placed on the passenger side for a curbside exit. Drivers should wait at the white line at the loop entrance until staff waves them forward. Vehicles may not pass other vehicles in the loop. If you need to come into the school, you must park in the parking lot as the Kiss 'N Ride loop is a fire lane. Please inform the staff member if you have a kindergarten student and they will proceed to the kindergarten arrival line in the front of the school.

Bus Riders: Bus riders will be met by staff in the upper loop who will escort them into the building. Staff will be available in the front of the school to assist any students needing help to find their classrooms during the first week of school. Kindergarten students will be escorted by kindergarten staff. No personal vehicles are permitted in the bus loop. All bus riders must wear masks on the school bus.

Daycare Vehicles: Daycare vehicles drive through the Kiss 'N Ride loop. They will enter the front doors. Staff will check for any kindergarten students and ensure that kindergarten students get safely to the kindergarten line in the front of the school.


Walkers: Walkers will be released by grade level and will walk out the playground-side doors. Walkers will proceed down the sidewalk to the four corners, led by a grade level staff member. Kindergarten parents or guardians must show identification to receive their child. First through fifth grade students are released at the four corners to walk home. Crossing guards and staff will be present at the four corners to safely escort students across Waterway Drive. There is an option to pick up walkers in the cafeteria at door number 7, the rear of the cafeteria. If you choose this option, you will be provided a walker pick-up number and will show the number to the staff member at door 7 to receive your child. The form is on the HNES website and available in the front office in addition to being made readily available at HNES Orientation and Open House sessions.

Car Riders: Students will wait in the cafeteria with a grade level teacher. Kindergarten students will remain with a kindergarten staff member in the cafeteria until their car rider number is called, when they will be escorted to their car. Students will be assigned a family number, and will wait quietly to be dismissed by number. Students will exit door 3 and staff will dismiss students to the appropriate vehicle. Parents participating in the car rider pick-up program (also known as Kiss 'N Ride) will complete a form, will receive a numbered tag unique to their family, and will display the tag by hooking the tag to their rearview mirror when coming through the car dismissal line. Outside staff will communicate numbers to inside staff so your child(ren) can meet you safely in the circle as you drive around. Forms will be available at Open House and Orientation. Forms will also be available in the front office and on our website. If individuals picking up students forget their tags, the individual must park and come to the front office with identification to receive their child.

Bus Riders: Staff members will escort students to their buses and will have a roster to ensure that students are boarding the correct buses. Kindergarten students will be required to sit in the front of the bus to ensure they are released to an authorized individual.

Kindergarten Transportation Authorization Form: This form must be completed by kindergarten parents prior to the first day of school to ensure kindergarten students are dismissed from the bus to an authorized individual. The form will be a part of the ParentVue New School Year Packet.

Bus assignments will not be mailed for the 2021-2022 School Year.

Bus assignments can be found by visiting HERE.  You will be taken to a special web page where you will enter your student’s address and other information to get the most up-to-date bus assignment information.